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She's Come Undone

For Sale.

Hello, everybody! :o)
I've been doing some pre-spring cleaning & I came across this Rainbow Brite Doll & matching Twink sprite set that I purchased off eBay a couple years ago. I completely forgot I even had it! It's been stored away in my closet ever since I bought it. Anyway, I'm trying to get rid of things I don't absolutely need & make some money in the process, so I thought I'd check if anyone might want to purchase the set? Here's a picture:

Now, I'm almost 100% positive that the set is vintage, but I can't guarantee it because neither seem to have tags. Either way, it's a great set for the Rainbow Brite/80's memorabilia collector!

Set Details:
Rainbow Brite doll measures approx. 11 inches tall & Twink is 4 inches tall.
Doll has velcro on both hands so she can hold her Sprites hand. (SO cute!)
All original pieces are still on the doll -- such as dress and hair ribbon.
Shipping & handling is $4.00 in the US.

I don't really have a particular price in mind, so if you're interested in buying this set from me, please feel free to make me an offer that you feel is fair. My payment options are: money order or well-concealed cash -- NO PAYPAL OR PERSONAL CHECKS, PLEASE!

Comment and/or e-mail if you're interested! My e-mail address is: :o)

-Rachael aka "cio_cio_san"
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