KimBob GeekPants (loquaciousvixen) wrote in rainbowkids,
KimBob GeekPants

Name: Kim

Age: 21 in June

About how Long have you been a rainbow brite fan:
ALL MY LIFE!, I used to scream nd have tantys everytime i was in the video shop if my parents wouldnt hire it out for me *giggles*

Who is your favorite character and Why?: Indigo, Because Shes So sweet and Shy, IQ, Becuase of the Pretty Colours, Puppy Brite, because hes soo damn cute! Lurky Becuase he wants to be good!!! lol And of Course Brian, because only Rainbow can see him

Promote This Community in one place and give us the link: I will Put it in one of my entrys once ive finished this loquaciousvixen

Pic Of yourself [if you can]: Image hosting by Photobucket
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