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Hello there :-)

Name: Ophelia
Age: old enough to know better?
About how long have you been a rainbow brite fan: Oooh, since i was a wee nipper! Back in the good old 80s.
Who is your favourite character and why: Oh, it has to be Ms Rainbow herself! The inspiration behind a million pairs of tights.
A pic of yourself [if you can]:

That is quite a good reprisentation of my usual expression actually. I rais eone eyebrow so often that it has started o stick like that a bit.

Hello there! I just joined.
I wanted to show you all one of the lovely new thingies i made-

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It's one of my faves at the mo! Always nice to work with things you really like. Although sadly from moving so much over the last few years i never found my Rainbow Doll again :-( So i'll probably end up spending anything i make back on ebay again!

If you're interested in it, you can have a better look from a mere click of your Mousey-

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